Pi-hole and ddwrt settings

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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2017 21:42    Post subject: Pi-hole and ddwrt settings Reply with quote
Hello there . I really need your help guys .I cant make pi-hole to work from 2 days now. I have a router linksys wrt1200ac with ddwrt installed and probably there's some setting that cause a conflict even if i didnt remember to have change something in the last 2 months. I tried reinstall pi hole , change even the rom of the raspberry(from osmc to pidiet) but nothing. After i have configured it when i put to the router the ip of the raspberry as dns , the pi hole web page doesn't seem to open anymore and even the web interface of the Nas (Network error occurred. Check your DNS and network settings) and plex isn't accessible anymore too. I tried change some settings on the router but i didnt seem to understand good what are all the DNSMasq options so i attach 2 screenshots with my configuration. After i put the google dns on the router page all devices seems to work again .If it can be helped (i don't know if it can affect in certain way) there's also a vpn configured with Policy based Routing for certain clients in the router. i cant even ssh in the raspberry . From the raspberry . I checked /etc/dnsmasq.d/01-pihole.conf and the nameserver with are there. Moreover if i dig www.google.com it seems that is resolved without problem . I'm almost sure that the problem is a ddwrt. Someone can give me his lights? Im really desperate to make it work again without installing pi-hole on the nas as the i loose the hibernation option then.

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I believe there are some errors in the basic netwrk settings. I'd suggest to set the gateway and DNS to and see what happens.

First step is to get your config running again.
Next step is using Pi-Hole, which I guess will work fine, because you've set the DNS Server at your DHCP settings.

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