[Question]Hardware Details about Bufflo WHR-G300N?

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 14:28    Post subject: [Question]Hardware Details about Bufflo WHR-G300N? Reply with quote

I am wondering some hardware detail of WHR-G300N:
1) which endian it is in ?
using uname -a, I found that the arch is mips. But when I copy a mipsel(little endian) compiled program to /tmp and run it. It can properly run. I noticed that the Development of the wiki page says that:
The mips-uclibc 3.4.6 toolchain is used for building the kernel and the 4.1.0 mipsel-uclibc toolchain is used for building the user-mode packages.

Can anybody give some explains?
2) Which linux shall I use or download ?
I am going to compile the code to add some program into ddwrt(since I only have 4 MB).
I saw that BS fix a bug of WHR-G300N modifing dir
in Change Set 10092, but
there are dirs like
including code about rt3052f.
Which directory shall I use?

Actually, the only thing I want to do is to move a login program into the route to let it connect to my schools network.
Other people in my school did it using jffs. I am afraid I cannot use it using std version. So I tend to configure it myself.
Now I have a worked but ugly solution: edit the commands that do the following thing when the route boot up :
1) copy the program file from a computer accessible without login to the school network to /tmp
2) run it.
This can be done using nvram.

Do any one have better ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:54    Post subject: Reply with quote
The WHR-G300N uses the RaLink chipset.

It is not Atheros and its not Broadcom.

Because it's RaLink, there's no jtag recovery available right now.
That might change, but currently JTag only works on Atheros/Broadcom.

be careful what you load, if you brick it, its toast.

It does have built in TFTP recovery mode, so it might be salvageable.

No idea how to build the linux sources myself.

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