PlayOn mobile access - auto uPnP configuration not working

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:06    Post subject: PlayOn mobile access - auto uPnP configuration not working Reply with quote
I am using the new PlayOn software and it has an automatic uPnP configuration for remote access. It configures non dd-wrt routers just fine (in my minimal testing), but for some reason, can't auto configure the uPnP in dd-wrt (at least my build). However other devices do seem to be able to auto configure it (my slingbox for instance). I had to manually forward ports for it to work

My info
14815 mega (07-16-10)

I realize the finger can be pointed at the PlayOn software, but in case there is some kind of incompatibility, I highly doubt they (playon) would be interested in making it work with dd-wrt...but the dd-wrt community might be interested in resolving the issue.

The reason I bring it up is because it seems as though PlayOn ( is getting some serious momentum in the mainstream.

I'll be glad to try some things or provide more information if anyone is interested.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 18:22    Post subject: Reply with quote
I am a newbie DD-WRT user (I installed it last night), but I believe that I have managed to solve the Mobile Access via uPNP problem for PlayON. I apologize for resurrecting this thread if it's too old, but it's the only one that directly referenced the specific problem I was having. Hopefully my information will help others.

My router is the Linksys WRT54GL v1.1

I am using the DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/12/10) mini (SVN revision 14929) from as recommended in the Peacock Thread.

For years I have used static IPs in my home for a variety of lazy reasons. When I finished setting up DD-WRT for my DSL connection (and figuring out how to make my XBox360 play nice with the DHCP), I was perplexed to find that my PlayON Mobile Access was throwing errors at me. To clarify, local access to my consoles and IPAD were working fine, but the configuration tool was throwing fits under the uPNP configuration for Mobile Access.

I tried for a while to setup port forwards and manual port assignments inside of PlayON, and was further vexed when these did not work (I suspect the fault lies in PlayON, to be honest). After banging my head against the wall and Google only finding posts that said to use static because uPNP did not work with PlayON/DD-WRT, I recalled a piece of information from when I was appeasing my XBox360.

From what I read (and I do not vouch for how accurate this statement is, just that I found information stating it), the uPNP in DD-WRT does not like to work with static IPs. It requires a DHCP assignment to function properly.

With this recalled piece of information, I added a static lease for my PlayON server under Services > Services > DHCP Server and changed the PlayON server back to DHCP. The static lease was not being assigned to my computer until I rebooted the router (I read afterwards that visiting Setup and saving the page would work as well). After the static lease was assigned correctly, I disabled and enabled the Mobile Access setting for PlayON with uPNP as the method.

At that point, my Mobile Access Test started to Pass every time. Video streaming confirmed on a WIFI IPAD at a public hotspot, 3G streaming will be tested tonight when my wife returns with the IPhone.

The only issue is that, despite the test being successful and streaming confirmed as working, the tray icon constantly pops up a uPNP error message indicating that I need to switch to manual mode. I intend to submit a report to MediaMall to see if this error can be corrected or at least suppressed.
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