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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 15:51    Post subject: Sitecom WLR-4000 support Reply with quote
tkteun wrote:

I recently acquired a Sitecom WLR4000 Gigabit N Router.
Since this router (series) is quite popular in the Netherlands after one of the big warehouses made a discount deal after it, I want to get DD-WRT running on it.

I've made some pictures of the insides:

As you can see it's a pretty basic layout: Gbit switch, processor, 2x WiFi etcetera...

I tried to pry of the CPU cooler, but unfortunately it's glued on quite well and I didn't want to break anything.

As I'm a complete beginner in this field of hacking, I wanted to call in your help to try to see if you've got some pointers not to unnecessarily brick the device.

I assume a logical start would be to solder in a header in the UART port labeled CN1 and connect it with a 3.3V modulator to my PC, right?

Can you tell me anything about the other header, labeled CN102? I assume it's some JTAG connection, but it could be anything of course.

I've got access to all kinds of tools including digital scopes and analyzers. I'd like the opportunity to give something back to the community, while broadening my knowledge, that's why I don't want to donate the device to science, but dissect it myself.

Thanks in advance,


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 18:42    Post subject: Reply with quote
Ahh, thanks...

Too bad there's no FCC ID on the device itself and I didn't get a box with it (salvaged it from the trash, broken PSU).
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 20:25    Post subject: Reply with quote
On the UART (baud: 57600)

U-boot Ver: 2010/05/17

Board: Ralink APSoC DRAM: 32 MB 2*16 MB
ASIC 3052_MP2 (Port5<->GigaSW)
Product Name: ESR9850
SDRAM CAS = 3(d1835272)

Please choose the operation:
1: Load system code to SDRAM via TFTP.

LINUX started...

init started: BusyBox v1.7.5 (2011-04-22 17:09:57 CST)
starting pid 131, tty '/dev/console': '/sbin/config_init'
Config Init version: date: 2011/04/22
Could not find Watchdog driver (/apps/lib/modules/2.6.21/kernel/arch/mips/rt2880/rt_timer.ko)
starting pid 178, tty '/dev/ttyS1': '/sbin/config_term'
* WL-351 *

KernelApp/Ramdisk Ver: Date:2011/04/22
console> cat: can't open '/apps/lib/modules/2.6.21/modulesApp.dep': No such file or directory
ln: /sbin/./apps_init: File exists

Seems rebranding keeps paying off:

WLR-4000 = WL-351 = Senao ESR9850 ??
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 20:52    Post subject: Reply with quote
Another clue I just noticed:

Apparently the casing of this router is shared with a couple of other Sitecom products:


Maybe they used the same circuitry on all these devices Smile

PS. Maybe one of the moderators could move this topic to the Ralink forum?

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2012 17:50    Post subject: Reply with quote
Try to type "sn2450" to activate console.
At least it works for my Engenius ECB7510:

* ECB7510 *

KernelApp/Ramdisk Ver: Date:2011/11/30
console> sn2450

BusyBox v1.7.5 (2011-11-30 18:09:26 CST) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

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