FTP access - difference between DD-WRT 16214 and 18777

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 19:17    Post subject: FTP access - difference between DD-WRT 16214 and 18777 Reply with quote

I've got an IP camera and it could move files to DD-WRT FTP adress (my router) from the IP camera wireless. The files then moved to a folder called Public which is created by DD-WRT 16214.

The setting I used in 16214 was Core USB support, USB Storage support, Automatic Drive Mount, Disk Mount Point /mnt in the USB settings. In NAS I had ProFTPD enabled, port 21, Files Directory /mnt with a User Password List. I also had File Sharing enabled with /mnt as Path to Files, Public share was also enabled.

The camera would transfer its files. But in version 18777 it doesnt transfer anything. The options in the IP camera is and the above User Password which worked in version 16214.

The settings in 18777 differs in NAS and File Sharing, here you need to create shares and users, it has a path called /tmp/mnt/sda_part1. Is it possible to configure the NAS as version 16214?


Edit: I've installed version 16454, it's now my favourite because I found out that 802.11n works and the FTP access works the same way as 16214 Smile

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 20:00    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm using 18777 in a WNDR3700. I managed to get my IP cameras to upload to a USB drive attached to the 3700.

I don't have any experience with any earlier versions, however nothing you mentioned about setup seemed to match 18777.

There were two main stumbling areas for me, specifying the FTP account and the path for the camera to upload the files.

I found that the path for the USB drive (share1) required in my camera GUI interface is sda_part1/.../... I created a folder on my USB drive called ftp, so the path I entered in the camera setup page was sda_part1/ftp. I have two camera types, Trendnet and Apexis. I also found that the Apexis would not handle a path of more than two levels (as listed above).

I stumbled on the user password format, but you probably have already found that they are entered in the user password list as: username, space, password.

There is one other thing that isn't correct, and that is the file time. The uploaded files from both cameras have file times of UTC 0. The router status and the cameras are set for, and both report UTC -7.

Is this another thing I just don't understand or a DD-WRT bug?

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