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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 0:44    Post subject: Wired repeater bridge Reply with quote
My home setup used to be the following: modem and AP at 3rd floor. Repeater Bridge at 2nd floor and another repeater at the ground floor, both connecting wirelessly to the AP. All routers are the same, TPLINK TL-WDR4300 V1 with build 23503.

Due to the distance however, the ground floor would only get around 500kbps tops. To fix this, a cable has been put in place to connect the ground floor to the modem.

At first, I set the ground AP to broadcast the same, very imaginative, SSID as the 1st AP and the repeater, "Default". But though connection on the ground floor was stable and fast, elsewhere it was behaving strangely - often I wasn't able to connect to any website, but I could reach the modem and the routers; moving closer to the repeater would fix this.

I now set the SSID to "Default 0" and connection on the 2nd and 3rd floors is better, but sometimes that same behaviour still happens. I don't see why having a second AP in the same network would cause this.

Anyway, my question is: is it is possible to set the ground router to work like a repeater bridge, broadcasting the same SSID as the 1st AP, but also making use of the extra speed the cable provides? Hopefully something like this would address both the present stability issues and the former speed one.

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My only recommendation would be to get the AP's on the three floors on different channels - if possible. (IE 1st floor on channel 1, 2nd floor on channel 6 and 3rd floor on channel 11)

If the AP on floor 2 was wired, you'd then want it fixed to channel 6. However, since it's in RB I think the radio has to be on the same channel as the router's WAP on the 3rd floor.

Ideally, the unit on the 2nd floor would have a dual band radio. Then, you could set one radio to "Client Bridge" on channel 11 and the other radio to "AP Mode" on channel 6. Not to mention, this would prevent the inherent cutting-in-half of throughput that happens in R/RB mode.

This setup would yield 3 broadcasting AP's with identical SSID's and unique (non-interfering) channels.

One caveat is that the point at which a device will switch from one AP to the next is determined by the client. Depending on how much your client allows you to configure it's roaming behavior, you might be able to control this somewhat. In my experience, it doesn't matter how I configure my clients. They seem to stay attached to a specific AP much longer than I'd like.
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