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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 20:32    Post subject: Router Advice Reply with quote

I currently have an Asus RT-N16 running DDWRT but when connected to my VPN provider through openvpn the connection slows dramatically, I know this is caused by cpu so I am considering another router.

I have a 100 Mbps connection but when connected to vpn is maxes out at 10 Mbps.

If I was to buy an ASUS RT-AC68U and install DDWRT would this be powerful enough to allow me to max out my vpn connection of 100 Mbps without it bottle necking?

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Paul

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 21:25    Post subject: Reply with quote
VPN encryption will always slow you down to about 1/10th the native speed. To some degree, the routers do have to work hard to do the security work but unless you are using professional grade hardware in an specialized solution, you will never get great performance. I have an old Cisco/Linksys VPN router and it gets a measly 1.3 mb per second in performance. Okay for doing something like remote desktop or vnc but not useful at all for file transfers.

the reality is that VPN is alot like antivirus software in that it;s an additional layer that your traffic needs to go through. of course your computer would run faster without antivirus but it;s a necessary evil.

Please state what make and model router plus the build number and type of DD-WRT you are using. Screen prints and a network diagram can are also helpful. Before you create a new post, use the search function. Chances are your issue has happened to someone else.

Common F.A.Q.
In order to mount a drive greater than 2 TB, you need to use a 3.x Kernel build.

In order to get a 3.x kernel build onto the Asus RT-N16, you need to go from a 2.6 kernel build to 3.x 21530 then to the latest. NVRAM gets expanded to 64K.

Don;t try to flash a build bigger than the Flash Ram on your router or you will have a bricked router.

Where can I get the latest test Firmware or older ones?

Asus RT-N16 on 2.6 Kong 22000M with OTRW2
Asus RT-AC66R on 3.x KongAC 24200 w/ 2.7 TB USB Drive(NTFS)
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