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Should DD-WRT servers filter User Hardware-Firmware versions??
Yes, I think adding voluntary fields tags for User's Hardware & Firmware versions would help track problems and identify more accurate solutions.
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No, I don't think adding these voluntary fields would help improve solutions or provide filters for more relevant search content.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 23:34    Post subject: Possible Firmware-Hardware filters for future Posts & Wi Reply with quote
One of the most frustrating aspects about searching for solutions or seeking assistance revolves around the issues of firmware, hardware, software features, and chipset compatibilities, including how and where to find all this continually evolving information.

Often, trying to distinguish between what might be user error, a software bug, a hardware limitation, or a firmware fix, becomes nearly impossible. More than often these become the source of confusion and a huge waste of time. As it stands now, forum searches return a world of problems, over a significant time span, with little to filter.

I would like to propose the following suggestion. If DD-WRT administrators could add only two html text fields to member and new user profiles, one for the firmware version, the other for hardware ID, the efforts would pay off a thousand fold.

Providing this information would of course be voluntary, however, users would experience immediate benefits and the potential rewards for administrators and developers would be enormous. If nothing more, by adding user text field tags, any search engine would return more accurate results.

By programming your servers to display and filter these tags accordingly, within a short time frame it would be possible to identify and sort firmware bugs, hardware limitations, resolved issues, and solutions. This could save enormous amounts of time for the entire community and take a load off your servers.

For example, if I was experiencing difficulties with a NAS share on a USB flash using an Atheros based router with v24-sp2 build 26125, would this be the result of a new Samba version, an drive automount problem, an undocumented permission setting, or a particular firmware revision? A search to identify a solution would no doubt return thousands of hits over a 7 year period, predominately Optware installation problems, improper Samba configurations, and flaky drivers, virtually all on Broadcom based routers. None of this of course would be relevant.

Without any interaction by the user, modern systems are entirely capable of filtering content from the moment a member logs into a server. Wouldn't it be nice to search for a solution and get returns to identify for example, that on a particular router, wireless n-mode had never been functional for your hardware revision, or that Pixelserve was not fully implemented until a later firmware release.

The current field tags; occupation, interests, and D.O.B. might be very important for an online dating service but completely irrelevant for the majority of DD-WRT users. Why not sacrifice a few of those worthless boxes for something really useful?

Just a thought.....javascript:emoticon('Wink')
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