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Hi all,

I am running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (12/27/14) kongac - build 25735M on an R7000. I am using the integrated free radius server for WPA2 enterprise wifi authorization.

I am however having an issue with some wireless clients. I noticed that about once an hour they seem to for a second or two loose connectivity. In the router log, I am seeing that the wireless clients are being re-authenticated once an hour. I then left the log up and the next hour the clients momentarily lost connectivity when, once again, the wireless client was re-authenticated.

This is apparently a rare issue with some clients and software that is sort of "picky" about loosing connectivity for a brief moment.

I've researched the config files and info for freeradius, and as far as I can tell, there is a setting of " Session-Timeout := 3600, " within the users file, located at " /jffs/etc/freeradius/users ". I have tried to manually edit a longer timeout time into this file, however it seems that the file is re-written again when the router is rebooted (evident by the file date stamp of 1/1/1970), and the value of 3600 seconds is placed back into the file.

Is there some way to edit this value and have it stick across reboots? I wanted to ask and see if anyone knew if the location that the users file data is copied from could be changed to a value larger than 3600 seconds. Something like 86400 (24 hours) or even 604800 (7 days).

Or, should I put in a "feature request" ticket for a field on the freeradius page in the firmware to allow that value to be changed?

Thanks everyone for any help or advice!

Here is the contents of the file, with the entry in question being the third item down:

$INCLUDE users.manual
DEFAULT FreeRADIUS-Proxied-To ==
   Session-Timeout := 3600,
   User-Name := "%{User-Name}",
   Acct-Interim-Interval := 300,
   Fall-Through = Yes

username        Cleartext-Password := "decentstrongpassword", Expiration == "01 Jan 2016"
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