[8403421] DD-WRT Superchannel Extension

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100+ € 9.52
(€ 8.00 ex. tax)
1000+ € 5.95
(€ 5.00 ex. tax)
€ 11.90
(€ 10.00 ex. tax)

Available Options:

This shop item adds 1 activation for "DD-WRT Superchannel Extension" to your shop account. you may then get the activation using "My Account" --> Activation Center.

This key is valid for your Router if it shows you a Superchannel Tab under Wireless (mostly every Atheros based device).

SuperChannel allows you to use special frequencies from 2.3 Ghz - 2.7 Ghz (802.11g capable devices only) and 4.9 Ghz - 6.1 Ghz (802.11a capable devices only).

please contact us at info@dd-wrt.com for getting more informations about our volume licensing program

Consider that its not allowed to use these frequencies in the most countries,so DD-WRT / NewMedia-NET GmbH does not take any liability about the usage of this feature.

Please note that the DD-WRT Superchannel license can only be applied to certain routers equipped with Atheros based WLAN-hardware. Some systems (for example x86, Gateworks Avila, Ubiquity) require a DD-WRT Professional Activation. Please check the requirements before ordering.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.