Netgear WNR2000V3

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The orig firmware is based on openwrt.

[edit] Initial flashing instruction

For initial flashing just flash the appropriate DD-WRT overtake image file (WW (Worldwide), NA (North America)) though the web interface. After the reboot DD-WRT will answer at Future upgrades are done though the GUI to the latest builds.

As of 20140119 you can only install DD-WRT if your Netgear fw version is < (ticket). Netgear decided to limit the orif fw size, so you will have to downgrade orig firmware to be able to flash to DD-WRT.

The latest working DD-WRT version is 20120319 build 18777 (ticket) and current webflash images are to big for flashing (ticket)!

[edit] Recovery

If you have a bricked device or you want to go back to the original firmware you can flash the device useing the recovery boot procedere.

  • press and hold the reset button
  • powercyle the device
  • keep holding the button until the power led flashes
  • start to transfer the firmware with an tftp client to
  • when the transfer begins release the reset button
  • wait until the unit reboots

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