First ADSL+ Router with DD-WRT Support [Update]

Many DD-WRT users have been asking for support of routers with an integrated ADSL modem for a long time. We have been working for some months on support of Lantiq's Danube chipsets and can now proudly present the first DD-WRT firmware for the Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H router with integrated ADSL+ modem.

The current versions we consider as stable enough to work with can be obtained via the Router Database starting from today. Please note that these builds are still BETA. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome and give us the opportunity to improve the functionality and performance of the device.

With the Lantiq Danube support it is technically possible to support other routers with the same chipset as well, but (as you likely know) we cannot give any specific timeframe for supporting other ADSL modem routers when beeing requested for implementing support for a specific model.

[Update 2011-12-21]
A new version was released that allows setting the VPI/VCI, Encapsulation and Payload type in the PPPoE/PPPoA advanced settings.

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